Cycle 2

Cycle 2

This second cycle was a bit different from the last one.  Treatment was on Wednesday.  Thursday,  I worked,  but forgot to bring my nausea medicine to work with me.  About 1:30 I was starting to feel bad and went home. 

Friday wasn’t as bad this time as the first cycle.  Saturday wasn’t, either.  I still didn’t eat much of anything,  but I did manage to drink more,  which I think helped.  I only threw up once over the weekend and that was when I waited 8 hours to take the nausea meds. I’m supposed to take it 3x/day, but seems more efficacious if I take it every 6 hours. I’m going to ask the doctor about that next session.

Monday,  I worked all day and was ok,  but something Monday night,  I started to feel off. It started in the slower,  I started to feel lightheaded,  dizzy,  a bit faint. I dried off and say down for a bit,  but the feeling didn’t go away.  Then I started to get lower abdominal cramps and the nausea started building.  Roomie helped me to the bedroom and tried to get me to sleep, including giving me a big bowl in case I threw up.  Moments after he left the room,  I did. 

No idea why,  but I was the sickest on that Monday night.  I vomited a couple times. Diarrhea.  It was an awful night. 

Decided to stay home from work on Tuesday. I slowly ate a bit here and there throughout the day and was back to work on Wednesday.

I’m glad this week is not a chemo week.  I’m attending the Women Veterans Unconference starting tonight with a Roaring 20s themed party!  A chance to have fun and not think about this for awhile.


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