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3rd Cycle

3rd Cycle

At my 2nd treatment, I only talked to a nurse, didn’t see a doctor.

This time, I saw a doctor and we talked for a bit about my side effects and how things were going. He was concerned about neuropathy – numbness/tingling in the hands/feet – which I had not really been experiencing. I was concerned about the nausea/vomiting. I’d been taking ondansetron but if I took it every 8 hours, I’d still get sick about hour 6 or 7.

He asked if I’ve taken ativan, and yes, it’s one of my normal meds. I normally take 0.5mg mostly at night when I’m having trouble sleeping.  He suggested bumping it up to 1mg and taking it with the nausea medicine. He mentioned that the other anti-nausea medicine they might recommend can increase mania – and that’s not something we want to do.

Hooo boy. I basically slept all weekend. No vomiting, and I ate more than the weekend after the first two cycles. I think I maintained my weight, even, instead of dropping 10 lbs.

Of course, this cycle – after I told the doc I wasn’t having an issue – I got to experience some neuropathy. It was short-lived, so I could deal with it. The cold sensitivity seems to be lasting longer. I had to have my roommate cut up kielbasa and carrots for a soup I made yesterday.

The big news is my hair.

Last weekend, with the WVA event I played with my hair more than normal. I realized over the next week that my hair was thinning much more than normal for me. 20160420_20173420160420_201815

So, I went and got my hair cut. It’s actually a little longer than I originally wanted, but it does some 90s “bed head” stuff that’s kind of fun. Also makes playing with colors a lot easier. 🙂

20160421_151922 20160421_151956 20160425_133919